The ACGA Sponsor Recognition Program

We are excited to announce an ACGA Sponsor Recognition Program that, with your help, will generate necessary revenue required to help us balance our annual budget. This program offers members the opportunity to support our Association with an annual gift above and beyond the yearly dues payment. There are six sponsor levels:

1. $50 to $99 Patriot Level
2. $100 - $249 Century Level
3. $250 - $499 Bronze Level
4. $500 - $749 Silver Level
5. $750- $999 Gold Level
6. $1000+ Platinum Level

ACGA is a 501 (c) (3) Corporation, and as with other donations received by the ACGA, participants in this program will be provided an acknowledgment receipt for tax purposes.

Recognition for individuals (if desired) who are sponsors of the ACGA will be listed in the June Hobstar, and they will be recognized at the convention.

Your ACGA Board has listened to the members and has worked diligently to operate the Association in a fiscally responsible manner. We appreciate input and support. We hope the membership will find a way (as some Board members will) to be a sponsor so we may all continue to have a financially healthy Association while maintaining a strong, active membership. You may send your Sponsor check made out to "ACGA" to Bill Evans, ACGA Executive Secretary, P. O. Box 1147, Elizabeth, CO 80107-1147; send it in with your dues payment; or send a check anytime during the year. Please help us generate the much needed revenue to balance our budget with a generous Sponsorship...

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Sponsor Recognition Program

Patriot Level up to $99
Century Level $100-$249
Bronze Level $250-$499
Silver Level $500-$749
Gold Level $750-$999
Platinum Level $1000+