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You are cordially invited to come and join in the fascination that is cut and engraved American glassware.

The American Cut Glass Association is a nonprofit, national organization devoted to the advancement of this unique American industrial art form.

Generated by an increased interest in the antique specialty, the American Cut Glass Association (ACGA) was formed in the summer of 1978 in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a group of 40 charter members. ACGA has grown in size to over 2300 persons that participate in the educational and social activities of American Cut Glass fellowship through the national organization and regional chapter activities. 

It has been considered by some that ACGA members are not collectors, but rather they are preservers of a superb American antique glass product. ACGA dealers are not merchants, rather they are intermediaries in the continual quest of our preservation efforts. Whatever attributed to be, ACGA members must certainly be known as splendid enthusiasts of beauty, brilliance, and brotherhood.

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Here is the Membership Application Form - please fill in and mail to address below.

Your membership will begin on the day you join. An annual reminder will be sent when it is close to your renewal date. Membership includes 10 issues of our newsletter The Hobstar. (No issues in January or August). You can choose how you'd like to receive The Hobstar:

Annual Dues Description
$25 New member only - Introductory Online Membership for 1 year - Receive The Hobstar via the Members Only section of the ACGA web site
$40 Renew and receive The Hobstar via the Members Only section of the ACGA web site. 
$60 Receive The Hobstar in hard copy via Bulk Mail. Also available on ACGA web site. 
$70 Receive The Hobstar in hard copy via First Class Mail. Also available on ACGA web site.
$70 International membership fee is $70.00 unless accepting The Hobstar & Directory online only

To join, you may pay by check or Paypal.

Check payments: Please send your check and the Membership Form to the following address:

Bill Evans
P O Box 1147
Elizabeth, CO 80107-1147

Paypal payments: Use our secure Paypal Shopping Cart System below. Please also mail to us your filled-out Membership Form.

Thank you and welcome to ACGA!


PayPal Annual Membership

$25 New member - Online
$40 Renew - Online
$60 Bulk Mail
$70 First Class

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