Introduction to ACGA Chapters

Chapter Locations and Contact Information


Introduction to ACGA Chapters

ACGA Cut Glass ShowThis section of the website provides the general areas of the country in which the various chapters are located, and provides a chapter contact person.  Chapters work to uphold the Association’s mission of education, knowledge, and promotion of this American art form.

The benefit of being associated with a chapter, or chapters, is that you can meet others who also love Brilliant cut glass.  You can make friends who can help answer questions or direct you to resources.  Having “glass friends” is a good thing and attending chapter meetings provides additional opportunities to see cut glass and share enthusiasm and knowledge with others. 

Chapters have different styles of operation, some with year-round meetings and some with spring and fall schedules.  Each chapter sets it own activities based on its membership and areas of interest.  Some chapters sponsor Brilliant Weekends, which some call mini-conventions, and some sponsor multi-day events with visits to members’ collections.  Other chapters meet in member’s homes for a meal and a program.  Some chapters participate in the yearly national conventions as hosts.  Most chapters collect modest yearly dues to support the work of the chapter.  The ACGA’s Policies and Procedures require ACGA membership to also become a chapter member. 

Chapter members typically include the spectrum of more experienced to more novice enthusiasts and are a good place to learn from knowledgeable collectors, dealers, and researchers who help provide information.   Some chapters help members with building their cut glass reference libraries and pattern identification.   Many ACGA members belong to several chapters and participate in activities from multiple chapters.

All chapters welcome guests and by contacting the chapter representative on the following list, you can have your questions answered.  Most chapters have email send-out lists, so even if you live too far to attend all the meetings, having a chapter contact will provide you with updates on not only chapter activities, but also upcoming ACGA events. 

The ACGA Chapters are spread around the country and not all areas of the country have active chapters close by.  New chapters can be started if there are members interested in doing so.  Contact the ACGA Vice President, Mark Davis for information and assistance. 

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