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Books & Catalogs on Cut Glass

  Reference Books

The following is a list of books written about American Brilliant Period Cut Glass.  Many are out of print, but are still available in the secondhand book market.  Amazon carries used books, and we encourage you to use the links below to order directly from Amazon.com.  As an Amazon partner, this will give us a nice commission. 

Remember, we are a non-profit organization, so this income does help defray the cost of our website.

Avila, George C. Barbe, Walter & Reed, Kurt Boggess, Bill & Louise Boggess, Bill & Louise Boggess, Bill & Louise
The Pairpoint Glass Story
Reynolds DeWalt Printing Inc., 1968  
The Glass Industry in Wayne County, Pa. (2003)  Reflections on American Brilliant Cut Glass
Crown Publishers, Inc.  

Identifying American Brilliant Cut Glass
nd Ed., Schiffer Publishing, LTD

Collecting American Brilliant Cut Glass


Boggess, Bill & Louise Crofford, Maurice Daniel, Dorothy Evers, Jo Fauster, Carl U.
Handbook For American Brilliant Cut Glass w/ Price Guide
(Schiffer Publ.)
The Rich cut Glass of Charles Guernsey Tuthill (2001 Texas A & M University Press) Cut & Engraved Glass, 1771-1905
M. Barrows & Co., Inc. Publishers
The Standard Cut Glass Value Guide 1978-1979

Libbey Glass Since 1818
Len Beach Press, Publisher

Feller, John Q. H.C. Fry Glass Society  Hotchkiss, John F. LaCroix, Gerard and Jean LaCroix, Gerard and Jean
Dorflinger, America's Finest Glass
The Collector's Encyclopedia of Fry Glassware Cut Glass Handbook & Price Guide

"Val-Saint-Lambert (1880 - 1930)"

 This is an  ebook available at www.richcutglass.com, from the authors.  Price is $29.95, postpaid.

"Val-Saint-Lambert Fantasy Crystal"


This is an  ebook available at www.richcutglass.com, from the authors.  Price is $19.95, postpaid.

Padgett, Leonard E.  Pearson, J. Michael & Dorothy Pearson, J. Michael & Dorothy Pearson, J. Michael & Dorothy Peterson, Authur G.
*Pairpoint Glass
Wallace-Homestead, Publisher 1978
American Cut Glass For the Discriminating Collector
The Franklin Press, 1965
A Study of American Cut Glass Collections
The Franklin Press, 1969

Encyclopedia of American Cut & Engraved Glass
Vol. 1 - Geometric Conceptions
Vol. II - Realistic Patterns
Vol. III Geometric Motifs
400 Trademarks on Glass (1992 Reprint)


Revi, Albert C. Schroeder, Bill Sinclaire, Estelle Spillman, Jane Shadel Spillman, Jane Shadel
American Cut & Engraved Glass
Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1965
Reprint 2000 - Schiffer Publishing, Inc.  
Collector's Illustrated Price Guide Cut Glass by  (1977) 

HP Sinclaire, JR., Glassmaker
Vol. 1, Years Before 1920
Vol. II, Mfg Years
    Castlereagh Press, Inc.


White House Glassware (1989)



The American Cut Glass Industry:  TG Hawkes and his Competitors
Antique Collectors Club
By Jane Shadel Spillman
Spillman, Jane Shadel and Sinclaire, Estelle Swan, Martha Louise Waher, Betty H. Warman, Edwin Weiner, Herbert H.  & Lipkowitz, Freda
The Complete Cut & Engraved Glass of Corning
Crown Publishers, 1979



American Cut & Engraved Glass
Wallace - Homestead Book Co., 1986

The Hawkes Hunter
T.G. Hawkes Co. 1880-1962



American Cut Glass (1968) 



Rarities in American Cut Glass
Collectors House of Books, 1975, Publisher 
Williams-Thomas, R.S. Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Kenneth    
"The Crystal Years - A Tribute to the Skills and Artistry of Stevens & Williams Royal Brierley Crystal"   American Glass 1760-1930, Vols. I & II (1994)
Mt. Washington & Pairpoint Glass




ACGA has undertaken the reprinting of cut glass catalogs.  These catalogs are an excellent source for research and continuing education about cut glass patterns.   Click here to see ACGA's available catalogs. Click here to see catalogs that are out of print, periodically available on Ebay.

Search here for your other interests at AMAZON.COM.  
It is a great way to order books for as much as 30% off. 
ACGA earns a small commission as an Amazon Partner.

Type "Cut Glass" in the search box & see what out-of-print books show up!


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