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2012 Convention Collectors' Night
Agreement for Authenticity Committee Decisions

2012 - San Diego

Collector’s Night - “California Dreamin’ Sun, Sand, Surf and Sparkle”
ACGA Convention 2012 – San Diego, California



DATE _____________________

NAME _________________________________________________________

Name of 2nd Collector’s Night Participant: ______________________________

The Authenticity Committee will be vetting the glass at Collector’s Night.  As a participant in Collector’s Night, I understand and agree to the following:

1.   I agree to allow the glass I wish to sell to be vetted by the Authenticity Committee the night of Collector’s Night.

2.   I agree to abide by the decision of the Authenticity Committee, without recourse, if they determine that one or more pieces of glass I have for sale does not meet the standard established by the Authenticity Committee as either authentic American Brilliant Period Cut Glass or other glass properly identified.   I agree to remove this glass from the table and will not have it for sale during Collector’s Night.

3.   I agree that any piece removed from my table by direction of the Authenticity Committee will not be replaced by another piece of glass for sale.

4.   I agree to hold harmless the ACGA, its Ethics and Authenticity Committee, officers, staff, and board of directors in any disputes arising from the sale of glass at Collector’s Night.

5.   I understand that this agreement must be signed and in the hands of the Collector’s Night Chairman by July 21, 2012, or I will not be able to participate in selling glass during Collector’s Night.


I agree to the above: ______________________________________________
Signature of Collector’s Night Applicant

Date: __________________________________________________________


Received: ______________________________________________________
Carrol Lyle, Collector’s Night Chairman


Date Received: __________________________________________________


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San Diego

ACGA 2012 Convention
San Diego, CA
Tuesday August 21-Friday August 24, 2012

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