The Columbia Chapter

The Columbia Chapter covers Western Washington and Oregon.  At the present time, the chapter has about thirty members.  Four meetings are held each year, two in the spring, one at convention and one in the fall.  We have joint chapter meetings periodically with the Blue Mountain Chapter.  The chapter co-hosted the ACGA 1997 and the 2007 ACGA Convention in Portland, Oregon.

Current chapter officers are:

President: Marcie McKaig

Vice President: Vern Byers

Secretary: Deborah Randall

Treasurer: Teddie Biden

Meeting dates vary in order to accommodate the largest number of members. Most meetings are held in member homes with program talks regarding various aspects of collecting and identification. We have been fortunate enough to have guest speakers attend meetings over the last several years.   There is a 'show and tell' session that is in conjunction with the program talk.

Annual dues are $15 per person, $30 per couple.   You must be a member of ACGA to belong to a Chapter.

For more information about the Columbia Chapter, you may contact any of the officers, email in the ACGA Member's Directory.