The Lone Star Chapter

Learn more about us by visiting our Lone Star Chapter web site.

We have a “members only” Facebook page that keeps our chapter members updated and is a place to connect with our Lone Star members. You can “Like Us” on our National ACGA Facebook page by searching for American Cut Glass, and be involved in identification of pieces and other topics.

Our chapter meets four times each year, one in the fall and two in the spring with one at the annual ACGA convention. Meeting dates vary in order to accommodate the largest number of members. We usually gather at a member’s home of Friday and dinner and then Saturday view another collection and have Lunch and our Chapter meeting. At some of our Chapter meetings we have a 'Show & Tell' where members bring glass with stories attached. We also encourage members to bring glass for sale. Frequently we will have an informational Program presented by a member or an invited speaker. Actual Meetings usually consist of lunch and an educational program. Both the novice and the advanced collector find that they are continually learning through the chapter. It is a great way to talk to people and see first-hand about a specific type of cutting, company, or designs that other individual members have detailed knowledge of.

Our Chapter provides several functions. One is to help collectors of American Cut Glass learn how to identify American Brilliant Period Cut Glass. Our group also provides a platform to discuss and review information relevant to cut glass pieces. Most importantly our chapter provides a social opportunity to meet people who want to know more about this unique American Era and enjoy each other’s fascination with collecting American Brilliant Cut Glass.

Annual dues for the Lone Star Chapter are $5 for single members and $10 for couples. To request a membership application and get on our mailing list, please contact our chapter Treasurer, Connie Hamel @

Visitors are always welcome at all meetings. We encourage novice as well as the "more knowledgeable" collectors to become members of our chapter. We have a good mix of both for a positive learning experience. Read more here about our upcoming meeting on Sept. 26-27.

Officers of the Lone Star Chapter:

President George Gilbert:

Vice President Judy Northup:

Treasurer Connie Hamel:

Secretary Phyllis Mott:

Our History - The Lone Star Chapter was formed during the 1985 ACGA National Convention in Overland Park, Kansas. The first meeting was held in Dallas, Texas, on September 28, 1985. Starting with only seventeen members, the chapter roster currently boasts over 100 members. As the name Lone Star might suggest, the majority of members hail from Texas and Oklahoma. We do have a number of members from several other states.

In 1993 the Lone Star Chapter members published a 414 page cookbook of 300 recipes and 184 photographs of American Brilliant Cut and Engraved Glass belonging to members of the Lone Star Chapter. And the Lone Star Chapter has hosted four ACGA National Conventions. The first was the 1986 National Convention in Dallas, Texas; the second was held in 1995 in San Antonio, Texas; and the third was in 2003 in Dallas, Texas. Most recently, the ACGA Convention of 2013 was held, also in Dallas.

For more information on the Lone Star Chapter, please contact:

President: George Gilbert,