The Blue Mountain Chapter of ACGA

Eastern Washington has more than wheat.  They have wheat farmers who love cut glass!  The Blue Mountain Chapter covers Central, Eastern portions of Washington and Oregon, along with Idaho.  The chapter has about twenty-five members.  Two to three meetings are held each year, usually in the spring and fall.  The weather discourages us from meeting in the middle of winter with the icy roads. 

Our chapter president is Mark Wise, and Rosemary Estes is our secretary/treasurer.  Most meetings are held in Waitsburg-Pendleton area.   Meetings are held in member's homes or restaurants.  Carol Weir is always up for a meeting-- you can always contact and ask her to host a meeting.  While our meetings are very social, we have had some interesting talks over the years, and always have a grand time visiting and sharing glass stories. The last meeting had a fascinating talk with a Powerpoint presentation on California Cut Glass by Karen Kemper.   The chapter co-hosted the ACGA 1997 and the 2007 ACGA Convention in Portland, Oregon, with the Columbia and Eldorado-Emmerson Chapters.   Please contact and join us if you are planning a visit to the area.   And, as they say, you must be a member of ACGA to belong to a Chapter.

You may contact Carol Weir for information about meetings, 509-337-6528.