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We are a non-profit organization devoted to the study and research of American Brilliant Cut Glass. The Brilliant Period lasted from approximately 1876 to 1914. This glass was considered the finest in the world and won many international prizes. Please take the time to go through our web site. It will increase your interest,  understanding, recognition, and appreciation of American Brilliant Cut Glass. ACGA has a lot to offer you as a member, whether you are a new or long-time collector.

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Hobstar Feb 2015

-- News for Woody Auction House

Veteran journalist Barbara Kevles has profiled Woody Auction, the US' premier auction house for American Brilliant Cut Glass, for the forthcoming print edition of Small Business Opportunities July 2015 issue, on sale mid April at newsstands in the US and over 36 countries. You may want to reserve a copy of the issue at your local newsstand.

-- Latest issue of "The Hobstar" for Members - Feb 2015

-- Hobstar Previews

"The Hobstar" is ACGA's Journal with articles, glass studies, pattern information and quizzes, and Chapter and National News. Take a peek at what you've been missing!


-- 2015 Convention, Tulsa, OK

The ACGA 2015 Convention will be held starting July 15, 2015.
Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center 6808 S 107th E Ave Tulsa, OK 74133