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We are a non-profit organization devoted to the study and research of American Brilliant Cut Glass. The Brilliant Period lasted from approximately 1876 to 1914. This glass was considered the finest in the world and won many international prizes. Please take the time to go through our web site. It will increase your interest,  understanding, recognition, and appreciation of American Brilliant Cut Glass. ACGA has a lot to offer you as a member, whether you are a new or long-time collector.

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St. Louis MO

ACGA Convention 2016 - St. Louis, MO

Our 2016 next Convention will be in St. Louis MO. There will be lots of exciting things to explore in St. Louis and the best of speakers and topics at the Convention! The Daily Schedule has been updated - please click the above link to see all the changes.

You have the option this year of registering via the web - click to the Registration screen - no need for paper forms!


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